Thursday, July 01, 2004

Haiz. Dunno y leh. Feeling depressed now. Actually i noe y larh. So many pple come n contaminate me wif their depression, so now i've got it too. U all shuang liao lor. Piangz. I'm bloody pissed off. Ok. Plus i'm missing bb a LOT! Omg. i think i'll stay over this weekend. Kaoz. I'm in love lor. Lovesick le. Haha.

Yes tim. I've finally updated my blog. happy now? Stop disturbing me n spitting ur darned saliva at me thank kew.

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Saturday, May 29, 2004

wOoHoo! It's the 1st day of hols! But not much diff larhs. Still have to wake up so early. bleahx. Haha. For vball. N den train under the hot hot sun. With our cruel cruel coach, hu din't give us a water break until i was omoz dead. Haha. So ke bo! Wl. No heart lor. Cnt he c tt i'm like damn tired? Haha. Every1 oso down thr complaining abt our lack of water. Haha. I was like so parched so obviously no mood to play rite?! Think i was very lan todae. Den i kept asking myself. Wad the hell do i like abt vball? Haha. But it's fun la. Not counting the parched prt n the running after the ball prt. Lolz. Er. After the vball training we were supposed to go off to peichun larhs, but in the end susu kat n mabel dun wan. Den i stomach pain oso mahs, go thr oso no use. Haha. OK larh. I admit. I wasn't really looking forward to more training coz i'm like damn tired?! Heez. So we 4 went off to bugis 1st to get some lunch. Den kat hor.. Haiz. She win le lor. Bring us go take 30 in the wrong direction. Haha. We were like kao being her on the bus ymy. She pro lor. Got down at a stop near tanjong pagar mrt. Near meaning 10-15 mins walk. haha. It's quite ok larhs. So went down to bugis to get some food. Ate so much lor. So full. Haha. But the food thr is not bad larh.

Took neoprints two times. once wif kat n susu n mabel. The other wif janet n jessica. O mans lor. How qiao can u get?! I met them both at bugis. Jessica's chged lots lor. More seh ymy?! Haha. Den janet still as tall as usual. Zi bei zi bei. O yarh. I think i'm taller den jessica! Wahahaz. At least i'm a bit the taller larh. Haha. Erm ya. N so went to watch the day after tmr wif mabel which rocks n rocks lor! O man. I nvr knew a show couldb so damn nice! So cool lor! Definitely a show not to b missed! haha. Mabel was pestering me to tell me hu the person hu said she was cute. Lolz. Chao lor she. Den she down thr act bs. Haha. After tt jiu go over to my hse. N she help me pick out some clothes. She win le lor. Go inside toilet no nid bring clothes. At 1st she onli brot in her underwear, den she 4got abt her clothes. N when the clothes was inside, she forgot the towel. Erm.. Haha. Den after she started bathing le, i saw sth which shd have been inside wif her. Haha. Had to pass it to her lor. I so nice ymy. Haha.Sheila huiyi n iris came up n we started going thru my clothes. Deciding wad we shd wear. Haha. Kept swapping clothes lor. So fun!! Haha. Den we borrow this n tt frm each other. So nice! Haha. I was trying to sell clothes to huiyi lor. I think the 1s i wanna sell oso quite nice bahs. Haha.

After going crazy wif the clothes n after my dinner, we went over to dhs. N susu was down thr waiting for us lor. Went to watch eds nite. Haha. Sorry la tristan. No rose. Haha. Dun b too sad ks? Haha. So super stupid. The 1st few prts i din't really understand la. All sound so chim to me. Haiz. The dances quite ok larh. Yvonne dance until quite seh lor. Like the bi jiao graceful de. Haha. Alison hu was sitting behind me went a bit nuts ymy. Luff n luff n scream n scream. haha. She win le lor. Me now a bit deaf frm all her screaming. Seriously, i think she'll win a cheering competition hands down man. Haha. I was feeling so paiseh abt wad i wore lor. Dun dare take off my jacket. Haha. Stupid ymy. Haiya. Heck care larh. Over le mahs. Mabel da junior abuse me lor! Wl.Interval tt time kip attacking me. Hmph! =P So the horrible ymy. Haha. Me got a terrible experience frm her! Piangz. She oso chao bao li lor. Haha. N we ended up being entangled. Lols. A bit the fun larh. Despite me getting blue blacks la. Haha

O mans. My entry's like super boring. But. Hu cares?! Haha. Dun give a damn lor. NitEz eVeRy1!

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Tuesday, May 25, 2004

o Mans. I'm so the tired. I was even yawning in the shower ymy. Pro nots? Haha. Lucky water nvr go in. Haha. YEAH!!! History's over! Dnt's over! N i'm gonna flunk them both! LOL. Hha. I cnt b bothered man. So so tired. My brain's still crammed wif all those history facts lor. N guess wad, half of wad i memo din't even come out! Wad the hell. Dhs is so horrible. + they're giving us a test tml n ting xie on thurs. Haiz. Gimme a break!!!! aRh!!!! Nvm. 3 more days to hols. I'll look 4ward to it. Haha. Counting down now.

WHen i come to sku todae, i was like shocked at how quiet the cls was. Haha. Every1 so serious ymy. Den me oso got kinda panicky again, and made chun bok test me on history facts. Was basically screaming when i realised tt i couldn't rem the facts. Lol. Den weixuan oso come n join in the "fun". Note the inverted commas. Haha.

Mrs Wong came in looking so darned stressed. Den got me kinda panicky, again. haha. She very kiam siap lor. Dun allow us to study sum more. So evil rite?! I was like reciting the dates to myself lor. Hahas. The test wasn't really so bad la. The section a n section b prt 1 i'm pretty confident. As for the rest.. No comments. Hsha. Den during the break i really study dnt. They were playing vball, n i was like sorta playing while studying lor. Lolz. Shuang mahx? Haiz. Den todae they all den sae dun wanna go out. So pathetic ymy. Onli left me n susu. Haha. But was still fun@ Shrek 2 ish so damn funny! Haha. We had geog after the exam, which SUCKED. Y mrs george muz let us have remedial lessons?! Wad the hell man. Haha. Den 2h even more pathetic. Have to stay for 2 periods. Lolz. N they watched us walk out. Haha. Muz have envied us a lot den. Iris was in a real bad mood man. Piangz. Jamie n fang ming pro liao lor. Walk in 20 mins after the lesson started. Hahas. Wonder whr they went?

Hmm. Went to orchard cine to watch the 2pm shrek. N i saw mabel thr! Da junior larhs. She was wif a lotta pple lor. 1 big grp go n watch shrek. Me n susu took neoprints. So nice! Haha. I LOVE the 1s we could deco. Lolz. I think it rox! Den i down thr kip admiring. Hahas. Shrek 2 very nice lor! So funny. Haha. After the movie we walked ard aimlessly and walked to heeren. Den after all tt, we went to marche, whr we ate mushroom soup n ice cream crepe. Lolz. Ate so much lor! N my treat sum more. C how much i rock notz?! Haha. Actually is my mum's money la. N i got her permission to treat susu. It's damn the delicious! Haha. Tok abt lotsa thgs. Halfway thru, clari called me n she sounded so anxious lor. Haha. Turned out tt the cls ball fell into a canal. Haiz. Y din't they come wif us? Got me thinking lor. Tt's so sad rite?! Muz b i repel them. Haha. After the thg i went to my mum's office n she fetched me home. I'm still very tired now lors. Haiz. Wanna slp. Tml still got test lor. (>.<) Arhz. Fine. I shall stop riting here as i'm not in the mood to rite anymore. Haha..

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Friday, May 21, 2004

Erm.. 4got to mention. I'm gonna b moving to serangoon. Haha. Is tt good or bad? I'm still gonna have the hse at jooseng though, n i'll b back like everydae? So belle n co. pla dun kill me. Lolz. The serangoon hse is onli for me n my mum to go back n slp in. Er.. Kinda weird ymy. Y dun we juz stay in the js 1? Haha. Dunno her la. It's her wish rite. She calls the shots. So jsg pple, dun miss me too much ks?! I'll still b here like everydae?! N i wun b so-called "moving" until the end of the year larh.

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hEy! Thxx for all the presents u guys. Er. Let's c. Phamelia gave me a fotoframe, chunbok, clari, kay n ying han gave me a converse pencil box, mabel gave me this handmade frame, susu gave me clothes, shiqi, xiner n yuhan gave me toy dogs. Haha. Think tt's abt all ba. O ya, still got the crd frm the cls which i'm SURE was made by zihui. Haha.

Played vball during pe todae. Dunno which idiot go n take down the vball net, den in the end play until very boring liddat lor. Den eng n maths oso nvr really do anythg. Recess time went to play vball n cball. The 2g pple booked the vball court liao, so we juz went over to join them lor. A bit the boring ymy. Coz too many pple playing le ma, den we din't really get to touch the ball tt much. After a while kat n huiyi joined in, which made it even worse lor. So me n susu juz left when our cls pple come to play cball. So fun!! 2i vs 1j. Den i think we outnumber them lor. Think we won in the end larhz. Sweated so much. Den me very the kan cheong, coz everybody like leave the court le, den i tot bell went for very long le lor. Haha. Me ks de. Cball really very the fun! Den todae all the pros come to play, like chunbok n iris n susu n kay n lotsa other pple. Wl. Chunbok damn the bao li ymy. Kip banging into pple. Me was defender for the laz prt of the gme. So the fun!! I onli managed to grab 1 ball. So sucky lor! All the rest of the goals i touched lor, juz tt nvr manage to hit down onli. Arhz! Den the big guy frm 1j down thr, suaning me abt my hgt. O man. I might b short, but i can jump ks! Herh~ He's kinda big sized lor. Block out the sun, den stand in front of me i oso cnt c. Lolz. Den ask me dun block me he oso heck care. Wah kaox lor. I juz realised tt youngsters nowadays hor, so vulgar. All fuck here fuck thr de. Haha. Cnt liddat juniors, muz b nice n polite ymy. Lol. After the gme b4 we ran off for cls, we had a three cheers for 2i! So seh! 2i rocks!

After sku juz went str8 hme lor. Guai ymy. 1st time no training on fri. Den amelia hor, run off so fast. Wanna ask her to go home wif me oso cnt. But still met her at the bus stop in the end. Oso met yuan. Den i was like looking at yuan's neoprints. O man. I cnt recognise myself!! How stupid is tt!? I forgot tt i took a neoprint wif her b4. Haha. Tt's so retarded rite? Den i was like exclaiming, hu is tt?! Den she smacked my head n said it was me. Hhaa. Sorry larhz, cnt help it if i cock-eye rite?! 4give me. Lolz. Took 100 hme wif yuan, den force her go buy food wif me. Asked her if i shd eat mian or bread, den ended up buying rice n bread. Ate so much lor! All coz of her la. Tempt me wif the bread. Den so funny!! I went over to the rice stall n i was like buying so much side dishes. The uncle thr n yuan were like huh?! Wl.. Eat so much. Haha. So hao xiao. Yuan was like saying how could i eat so much when i'm like so skinny. Er.. Ya. Rite.. For ur info, i din't manage to finish everythg. Lolz. I noe i noe. I waste food rite? Aiya. Nxt time dun buy so much lor.

Mo mo ren told me abt how the vballers look. She (ya, it's a she) said tt iris looked sweet, i look fragile (-_-" O man. Come on la!), sheila looks ultra super fragile, huiyi look like nu qiang ren, susu looks fierce (haha!), kat looks a bit the fragile if she dun open her mouth n if u dun look at her posture. LOL. U guys guess hu said tt ba. It's very very the funny ymy. So reach home le jiu go n bath n i slept for like 3-4 hours? O manz. Break record. But it's really very very comfy! Haha. Actually din't wanna get up for dinner de, but got chicken wings ma. So sacrifice my slp for tt treat oso can la. Haha.

I really eat a lot lor. 1 hour after i had my dinner n after my tok wif sheila, hu still hasn't called me back(i knew she wouldn't!), i go n toast the chicken wings wif honey. O man. I'm damn retarded lor! I kept looking at the thg, den wondering how come it wasn't cookin. So kept setting it at 2 mins n going back to watching the tv show. Den i was thinking how come it wasn't even hot lor. Turned out tt i nvr on the power switch. O man. How lme can i get?! N i kept twisting the knob for like 10 times? N it din't cook coz the switch wasn't on. OKz. i think my way of putting it ish so stupid. Doubt u pple can understand. Hahaz. Ya. Tt's abt all le ba. Thxx again for the prezzies! =) O ya, yuhan, get well soon ks?!

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Tuesday, May 18, 2004

Er.. Ya. Blogger has a new look. O man. I think i'm like spastic? I din't noe wad to press lor. Haha. But i'm better at it now lar. I hope i still rem how to post this stupid entry. Hahas

I'm lazy. Tt's wad vicki saes. N guess wad? I totally agree ymy. Tt's y my blog hasn't been updated like forever? Haha. Ok. I shall now tell u pple abt my day.

HappY bDaE tO mE!
Ok, so my bdae has been over like for 20 hours? Heck care larh. Haha. Went out wif belle xiner vicki yesterdae to celebrate. The yuki n yaki thg was so stupid ymy. Den we went mad n took neoprints 3 times? Haha. Tt confirms the fact tt we r REALLY mad. Sorry le yuan n sining, if u guys r reading this. Nvr invite u all. Really paiseh ks? O ya. Yuan, i din't invite u coz u vegetarian, den mayb might find it hard to eat. Sorry leh! Dun angry ks? SmiLe! aRhs. Now i have a peanut stuck i my throat n tt is like damn uncomfy. Argh!! Hahas. It's been down thr like since 11 sth? When i was snacking on it in either mr ken's or mrs george's cls. It's like got this thg down thr. EeyEr... Feels very the er ymy. Haha.

Chi todae got 2 free periods! Song bo. But it passed very the fast lor. Haiz. So sad! If onli tml she oso nvr come lor! Liddat jiu really shuang diao. Hahas. I'm so bad. Curse her until liddat. =P Den eng oso do nth. Wong down thr checking his n eng marks wif us, n we did nth but calculate marks n check them. She looks so much older nowadays. Her face is like white n she got more wrinkles. Haha. Den recess was spent doing my geog, going down to eat, complaining tt my stomach hurts n playing a bit of vball. O ya, went into the same toilet cubicle as kay, but obviously i din't look ritE? Haha. Guys hu like kay such as AHEM, plz do NOT get jealous. Haha.

Indian dance sucks..
Haha. It's so idiotic lor. O man. I wish we din't have to learn it. Wun modern dance b loads nicer? Anyways, we completed the damned dance. Like finally?! N we were like clapping for ourselves? Haha. Stupid lors.

Vball oso kinda sian. No energy lor. N now my serving sucks! Muz wrk hrder lor! Haha..Go me. Muz jia yoU!

O ya, thxx for the bdae hugs n licks pple. Hha. Enjoyed them. Er. KKs. Tt's all le ba. O ya, mabel, i loved ur prezzie!! Thank kew Ks?

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Tuesday, May 04, 2004


Chinese had to listen to the super boring n super long proj done by xinzi they all. No offense la. It's not ur fault. I dun find chi interesting anyway. Haha. As for eng, the super 'on' de tcher nvr come, so we had like 3 free periods?! Haha. Shuang lor. Den we started toking abt ghost stories. O man.. Iris' de story so damn scary lor! I hear until i cry lors. But cnt blame me rite? I'm a coward! Haha. Lemme tell sum of those tt i rem. At 1st we were toking abt dreams, den iris was the 1 hu started the thg on ghosts 1 lor. Coz she has a recurring dream abt this haunted toilet la. Not very scary de. Den she told us abt the thg which happened to her uncle's boss. They were in cambodia lor, n thr was a girl hu committed suicide in red thr. Den the boss was staying in his hut ma. 1 nite, thr was a knock to his door la. He din't bother to open the door until the 2nd time sumbody knocked on the door he went to open it n he saw this tribe standing outside his door la. He juz closed the door n went back to slp. Den during the nite, he opened his eyes n he saw sumthg red. Thinking it was a dream, he went back to slp. After tt, thr was a knock on his door again. He opened his door n he saw the girl thr, all bloody n in red. Wah kaox lor. Den when iris sae the prt tt the girl run thru the boss, lynnette screamed lor! Set off chain reaction. Haha. I screamed. So horrible rite? I was seriously freaked out lor. Still got susu de thg. She so funny lor! O man.. Coz thr's this cleaner uncle hu LOVES to sweep the floor outside the door ma. Den when the broom bristles pass thru the door n tickled her leg. She jumped onto lynnette n screamed n lynnette omoz jumped into chun bok. So funny lor! When i sae susu jump hor, i really mean jump lor! O man. So gao xiao. Lolz.

Den recess went to play vball todae. Din't play tt much la. My time was spent on getting scared outta my wits n going in n running outta the toilet n listening to chun bok n phamelia tell ghost stories. Yuhan so damn funny lor! Wah piangz. At 1st i asked yuhan to pei wo go toilet. Den we two so damn stupid ymy? The toilet light was very very dim ma, den i slowly walk in the toilet, yuhan following closely behind me. Den i was oreadi very freaked out le lor, c the toilet light so dim, den no1 inside.. So scary lor! I ren bu zhu scream n yuhan screamed wif me n we ran outta the toilet lor. So we decided to try again larhs, this time, i ran all the way ard the stairs thr n yuhan ran str8 out. So damn funny lor. Den she down thr looking for me. In the end we pull phamelia in wif us, n we onli dared to go in when a junior go in lor. Muz have tot we were crazy. lolz. Den after our toilet adventure we went to watch them play vball. Yanyu, the prefect frm 2f pass by n tell them not to play lor, so we end up sitting in a circle. Campfire lors. Haha. Den the ball was the fire. We started toking abt having a cls chalet in june. Continued this discussion upstairs after the bell ring. Me couldn't b bothered, juz sat at lynnette's place doing my animal farm mindmap. Den susu ask me pei her go canteen n buy sum food. Haha. 1st time i so naughty. Den at first i was the 1 hu was moz scared of being caught by tcher. After tt was susu's turn. Luckily mrs wong din't turn up while we were gone lor. Haha.

During lit we watch the movie metropolis. So damn funny! The fem lead kip squeezing her boobs. Lolz.. I actually tot she was a man de, but they all told me not lor. So funny. Den i juz down thr kip luffing n lying my head on the sliding table.

Was interrupted by my uncle here..
Wah piangz lor. Cnt stand him. APNESS man.. I said i wanted to do my art proj den he dun allow me to use lor. Sae wad he nid to use the com. Den he down thr read newspapers for like 1/2 hour? N din't lemme touch the laptop. Man.. Den ask me go use the stupid desktop in his room which is like owaiz hanging every 1 min? Sucky lor. Banged the mouse ard n kept complaining to him, but he din really care lor. So i took revenge. Gu yi call my fren to help me research for the art proj in front of him, make him feel damn guilty. Wahahahaz. So he really felt guilty ba, n offered the com to me, n i diaoed him, saying tt i oreadi ask my fren help me, so 4geddit. Man lor. He's so ap!! Arghz.

So whr was i b4 i kanna interrupted? O ya.. After sku i had vball ma. Den wasn't really in the mood, coz i was so damn slpy ymy. Lolz. So anyhow play lor. Den so long nvr touch the ball le, not xi guan n no strength to spike. Idiotic. Den he ask me, iris n hy to demo n i was the onli 1 hu hit the ball so damn weakly. Paiseh ymy. Hahaz. Was smsing mabel my junior n kor during training. Den kor was like telling me muz train hard? N dun think abt the tiredness. Haha. Hard not to think of it when i'm not onli mentally exhausted lor. Er.. N sum of the juniors were pretty ap lor. Kaoz. But think they're still ez to get along wif la. Think tt's all for yesterdae le, coz i cnt seem to rem anythg. All coz of hiM! Herh~

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hEy! I'm bAck! Got so many thgs to blog abt todae n yesterdae. Kz, so lemme start blogging abt my super interesting day. Lol..


Had my napfa test yesterdae! Wah kaox lor. Really gimme mixed feelings. On 1 hand, i'm happy wif my standing board jump n my sit n reach n sit-ups. Budden the inclined pull ups n my shuttle run.. Wl. I very bek cek wif the tchers hu was i/c of it lor. Haha. Mr Siva was i/c of shuttle run. N when we went thr he was like shaking his head? N telling us it was a nitemare marking our papers. Er.. Very encouraging hor. Haha. Den as for inclined pull up. I'm damn damn damn damn damn bek cek lor! Idiotic. I did so many den not counted. Mr twee gee down thr show his black face for us to c. Wl.. Cnt stand it! I'm so pissed off lorx! HmpH~

Pccg lesson started off as usual, wif Mdm Sim kao being us abt being so noisy. O man.. Y cnt she juz shuddup n let us b lor? Piangz. So in the end she dun allow us to take out our files, say wad, we muz fin it ourselves n hand in by nxt mon. Idiotic ymy. Lol..

So we played vball during recess. At 1st was onli me, kay, susu n tristan. Den more n more pple saw us play n started coming to play. Lol. Den the guys frm 2g, including lili down thr so noisy lor. Ok. ESP lili. Kip calling rara sao lor. O man. I was so scared tt the tcher at 4h will come out n scold us, coz we not supposed to play ball thr de mah. Luckily nth of tt sort happened lor. Haha. We had rushed up 5 mins b4 the bell rang to chg n obviously we were late for assembly. Lol. Den me, kerina, kay n yuhan went into the staff toilet on the 3rd floor to chg. 1 person take 1 corner n started chging. So funny. I came out sweating like a pig lor. Imagine, 4 pple squeezed into 1 intsy teeny weeny lil cubicle. Haha. Den i sweat until my hair was like all wet lor, which wasn't wet when i was playing vball? Weird ymy.

After assembly, siva came in. N he was shaking his head n toking abt lotsa bad thgs we did during the test. I was so damn scared lor! Heart beating so fast n i started sweating again. Haha. He's so so so so so the idiotic lor! Den he call reg no 1 which was cheng meng out 1st la. Den when alison got up b4 he called her name, he was like y r u standing up? How do u noe i'm gonna call ur name? Man.. N guess wad? In the end, he still called alison's name. -_-" Gimme a break lor! Wah piangz. He this type hor.. Haha. I hope he doesn't surf the net n find my blog n kb lors. I sure die de. He's so pro at kao being. Lol.

Went hme alone after sku. Wah piangz lor. At 1st supposed to go hme wif vicki de. Den coz she cnt come my hse ma, so she dun wanna go hme wif me. Lol.. I asked tristan la, den he down thr kip saying wan to go home, den nxt min jiu sae dun wanna go hme. So heck care la, i rushed hme, coz i needed to meet my jie to celebrate her bdae ma. I was late for meeting her for like omoz half an hour? Haha. I can b named the late queen oreadi. Anywayz, i went to cineleisure wif her whr we took neoprints n trading card. Bot alison n her prezzie dere. The prezzies i bot were so so so the cute! Haha. Is this cute cute bear which could play music n spin its head. So shuang rite?! Den we went over to the heeren whr we took more neoprints! Haha. I think my jie's so nice to me lor! Lol.. She pay for my dinner n the trading crd lor, den sae she's gonna go korea to buy my prezzie! My bdae's 2 wks after hers ma. So qiao rite?! Both on mon. =) I'm still admiring the fotos we took now.. Lolz..

I think i better rite todae's events in another entry la, or else so damn long lor...

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Sunday, May 02, 2004

gOt this quiz fRm viCki. lOokS intEreStiNg. HaHa..

1. Will u love the person back who once hurt u??
Erm.. dEpEnds oN hoW muCh i LoVe hiM n hOw dEep hE huRt mE

2. Will u go out on a date with a person u know?
Depends on the situation

3. Would u steal the person u love most from ur friend??
Dun think so. Nvr happened to me n i hope it wun. Heez.

4. What`s the nicest thing you`ll do for love??
Wad's considered the nicest? Ermz...

5. What`s the least thing you`ll do for love??
wah piangz. Y ask so many qs abt love de? Me no experience can? Haha.. Dunno la.

6. Will u give ur ex a second chance??
Ermz.. Maybe. Have to consider wad he did to me to make him the EX. Haha. But moz probably will ba, if i like him a lot.

7. What was the best thing you`ve done for the person u love??
nth ba. Nvr been in love b4. Haha..

8. If u get stuck in an elevator with your ex,what will you do??
Juz panick? Lolz. I hate getting stuck in elevators n i'd probably b so frightened tt i'd forget he was thr. Haha..

9. Will u give ur partner a big kiss in front of many people??
No way. I think kisses r private? Esp big ones. Haha.

10. If ur ex fooled u once,will u give another chance?
C wad he fooled me abt lor. If it's trivial trivial thg tt i probably would.

11. What will u do if u caught ur partner with someone else inside her/his room or bed??
bed? As in sex? I'd probably stun down thr. 1st thg i'd do is run out of his room n outta his life. O ya. I'd cry too. But if he has a reasonable explanation...

12. If you will be given a choice..Will u drink a bottle of wine one-on-one with ur partner or
with ur crush with only the two of u inside the room?
Yux. Wine sux ymy. Er.. Probably would ba. Coz i dun think i'd get drunk? Den we'd b more relaxed wif the wine in ur system. So it'll b easier to tok to him? Haha. Shd b liddat larhs.

13. If you can only save one person on a crashing plane,who would it be??
A person whom i noe or dunno? Budden the person i noe might not b on the plane ma. Haha. Can i save two pple? A mum n her child.

14. You are with your partner in a party. Your ex asked you to dance with her/him even
for a couple of minutes. Will you u dance with her/him knowing ur partner is right there beside
Depends lor. Coz partner might b dancing wif his ex too. Haha. N den wad's wrong wif dancing wif ur ex? Still frens ma

15. Will u still give a present to ur ex on her/his very special occassion??
Moz prob will ba.

16. If u hear the word "love". Who comes into ur mind first?
Love? I dun like tt word. Can even sae i'm afraid of tt word. Lol.. Moz probably my mum ba. Hu else? Haha..

17. You won 2 tickets for a concert. Who will you invite? Your partner,ur ex or ur crush??
Aiya. Hard choice. Can i give the 2 tix to my partner n my ex? Haha. Let them have a chance to gossip abt me ba. Lolz

18. Will u do a big favor for ur ex, now that you're already friends??
Wad's big? If i can den i will..

19. Now, whom u are thinking right now??
Abt the song tt's playing on perfect ten now. Haha. Stupid song..

These are the 50 ways to know the person's
character and understand the person well,
although it is quite waste of time, but when you
feel free just try it out!

1. Time start: Erm.. Shd b 4:30

2. What's your name?
Dun u guys oreadi noe?

3. How old are you?
13+ 3 weeks short of 14. Haha.

4. Do you have any nickname?
Ya. Courtesy of my sec sku frens, esp WX. Haha..

5. When is your first love?
Erm.. Wad's 1st love? The 1st person u love or the 1st guy u love? If it's the former, my mum. If the ltr.. Dun have la!

6. First kiss?
My mum? She gave me a lotta my 1sts. Haha. But shd b dun have if u're thinking in tt sense la.

7. How tall are you?
Suddenly feel tempted to chg the q to how short r u. haha. I'm 1 cm taller den mabel(2a de)! I'll 4eva b proud of it ymy. =P

8. How many girl/boyfriends have u had?
Girlfrens? Tons. Boyfrens? Susu!! Haha. I'm her xiao lao gong can? Haha. Me les de larhs.

9. Sour, spicy or sweet?
Usually sweet, often spicy n sumtyms sour. Haha.. Did tt make sense?

10. What would u do when you are free?
Er. Watch tv. Listen to the radio. Sms. Surf the net. Haha..

11. Hobbies?
Dun have. My attention span too short ymy. Haha.

12. Do you club?
Nah. They dun allow 14 year-olds to go into clubs do they? Lol.

13. Favourite magazine?
Teens! Coz my foto's in it! Wahahaha!

14. Are you a drinker?
Er. Occasionally will drink white wine coz my uncle tempt me wif it. Haha. But it sux so dun try it. Lols. But i dun think i'm 1 la.

15. How much money will you bring when you are out?
Abt 30-50 plus la. Depends on y i come out. haha.

16. Car, diamond or money?
Money! Got money jiu can buy carS n diamondS n loads of other rubbish. Haha.

17. What number does ur hp end with?
shd b 8. Or izzit 6? Hmm..

18. Coffeebean or starbuck?
Coffeebean. The thgs they sell thr more reasonable. Still rem the diff between a frappicino frm starbucks n 1 frm coffee bean. Lol..

19. Where do you stay?
sUmwhr in the south of s'pore. Izzit south?

20. What is your favourite food?
Everythg! Even veg! Esp veg! Haha.. I'm weird.

21. Chocolate, Sweet or cake?
Usually chocs n sweets la. Dun really like to eat cakes.

22. Can your ears move?
No. Haha. Weird..

23. Do you dye your hair?
I wan to! But mum dun allow. At least i think she doesn't. Dun have the guts to ask
her ymy. Haha..

24. What languages do you speak?
Eng. Chi. Hokkien counted?

25. How many phones in your house?
Erz. Counting hps jiu shd b 14 ba. Haha. W/o hps jiu 6

26. How many toilets?

27. Do you swim?

28. Do you gamble?
Haha. Ya. My mum dun approve but hu cares?!

29. What is your favorite sport?
Cball. Bball. Badminton. Skiing. N not 4getting vball! Haha. Still got loads more la. But cnt b bothered to think.

30. Love techno or classical?
Izzit love techno or love n techno? Anyway, i have no idea wad's techno. haha. So i pick classical.

31. What is your favourite Drink?
Got lots le.. To name a few, strawberry milk (it's pink!), Winter melon tea

32. What is your temper?
Temper? I have mood swings.. Den can b passive in 1 min n in the other? I'll explode n scream.

33. What kind of person are you?
mE? Simple la. A person hu loves piglet, animals n her cartoons. Haha.

34. What would you wear when you go to bed?
Sounds kinda perverted ymy. Anyway, so tt u all dun xiang yy n think i slp in the buff, i slp in shorts n t-shirt. haha..

35. What is the 1st thing to do when you wake
Wait for my mum to switch off the alarm n kip shaking me n calling me up. haha.

36. Do you eat breakfast?
nah. Nvr eat breakfast de. No appetite

38. Favorite tv show?
charmed!! Wahahahas

39. Who do you want to meet?
My idols? Haha. OKok. I've got it! Simon Cowell! Hha. Or a really really rich n handsome guy so tt he can fall in love wif me. Wahahahas. A girl can dream cnt she? Lol.

40. What type of person are you?
Type n kind got diff mehz? The type hu'd probably enjoy an afternoon hanging out wif her pals. Haha.

41. Where do you like to go?
Hmm.. So many places. Bali. Haha. Or sumwhr fun n exotic wif loads of nice scenery.

43. When is your birthday?
17th may! i'm 14 in 3 wks!

44. Do you buy branded goods?
Ya. 1 37 degrees shorts. Haha. Tt's all. Or izzit not considered branded? Lol..

45. How many hours do you spend talking on the
Dunno le. Depends lor. If got interesting thg to tok jiu abt 1-2 hours la. Hha.

46. If a guy or a lady want to know you as a friend, would you give your number to them?
u mean on e streets?
No. Way. Or mayb yes la. If they attract me enuf. Haha.

47. Do you watch a M18 or R21 movies recently?
Er.. Love actually. Thr's nth r21 in it. Juz tt in front wrote those over 18 not supposed to watch it. Lol. Thr's seriously nobody naked in it la. Trust me. I looked. Haha!

48. One night stand?
No la. Not so despo can? haha..

49. With a hot n sexy guy?
1 night stand or wad? No ba. Haha..

50. End time: 5:24 pm

o ya.
hEy mElvin! HappY bdaE! AliSon! Happy bDaE to u tOo! Haha..

>:x: name = cLara
>:x: piercings = 2 earholes. I'd love to get 1 more. On my ear. Haha.
>:x: tattoos = Depends. But i heard it hurts. N i'm afraid of pain. o well.
>:x: height = 1 cm taller den mabel frm 2a. Lolz. Go n find out her hgt den calculate urself.
>:x: shoe size = dunno le. So many type of sizes de.
>:x: hair color = brownish black. Actually black de. Den coz i go under the sun for such a long time. Lol.
>:x: siblings = nOne. I'm a lonely person.

>:x: movie you rented = dun have.
>:x: movie you bought = Love actually!
>:x: song you listened to = Alicia key's If i ain't got u
>:x: song that was stuck in your head = This love by maroon 5 n breathe easy by blue.
>:x: cd you bought = erz.. Shd b love actually de soundtrack bahx. I wanna buy atomic kitten's album!
>:x: cd you listened to = Dunno le..
>:x: person you've called = Cnt rem..
>:x: person that's called you = The cristifori clerk. I said i was lonely rite?! Sad sad life. Haha.
>:x: tv show you've watched = Erz. Discovery channel bahx. My ah gong's watching it. N i occasionally will glance up ba
>:x: person you were thinking of = Nobody

>:x: you have a crush on someone = Dun think so..
>:x: you wish you could live somewhere else = ya! A condo. haha. Wif a seaside view n a shopping centre near it n my sku's near it n it muz b BIG. Hha. I'm greedy. =P
>:x: you think about suicide = yUp
>:x: you believe in online dating = dunno le. Nvr try b4. But shd b believe ba
>:x: others find you attractive = No. Way. Haha.
>:x: you want more piercings = duh! Like so nice lor. Haha.
>:x: you like cleaning = Hha. Nope. I'm not a tidy person.
>:x: you like roller coasters = I like those type of extra thrilling n xtra exciting de. Wahahaha.
>:x: you write in cursive or print = Both oso can.

>:x: long distance relationships = Against. I dun believe it'll wrk lor. But den again. It depends on hu.
>:x: using someone = Against la! Stupid lor.
>:x: suicide = USUALLY against. haha.
>:x: killing people = Oso usually against la. Unless sum1 really pisses me off. Lol..
>:x: teenage smoking = against la. Smoking sux n worse of all, it kills. Haha.
>:x: driving drunk = against. Irresponsible behaviour. Wad if u kill sum1?
>:x: gay/lesbian relationships = Shd b for ba. Hha. Dunno le. Dun have any frens liddat.
>:x: soap operas = Is this wad i think it is? If it is, against!! It's so damn long n sucky. Haha

>:x: ever cried over a girl = Ya
>:x: ever cried over a boy = nah. Wun waste tears on tt.
>:x: ever lied to someone = yupz. Me not so innocent de ks?
>:x: ever been in a fist fight = Nope. I got so bao li mehz?! Haha
>:x: ever been arrested = nah..

>:x: shampoo do you use = pantene..
>:x: shoes do you wear = Reebok
>:x: are you scared of = Loads of thgs. But mainly. ghosts. Haha. Hu isn't?

>:x: of times I have been in love? = Nvr have been
>:x: of times I have had my heart broken? = It's not possible for me to have a broken heart if i haven even been in love b4. Lolz.
>:x: of girls I have kissed? = fake de ma? Den a lot. Lol..
>:x: of boys I have kissed? = None? Hha. Wonder at this age hu has.
>:x: of girls I've slept (in a bed) with? = erz.. shd b more than 5 but less than 10. haha
>:x: of boys I've slept (in a bed) with? = Sexual? Haha. Den none. But if not sexual jiu 1 ba..
>:x: of people I would classify as true, could trust with my life type friends = tt? Guess wad. I really dunno.
>:x: of times my name has appeared in the newspaper? = sku newsletter can? Haha. Mayb 1 day will publish. Headline: Girl dies in tragic accident. Lolz. I'm a sadist.
>:x: of scars on my body? = wah. I too lazy to count. Let's juz sae scars r all over my body. Lol.
>:x: of things in my past that I regret? = Lots. But regret oso so wad? I cnt do anythg to chg it. Like the q said. It's in the past man. So i'd rather 4geddit abt the past

>:x: pretty = Nope
>:x: funny = Nope. But i'm slow n pple usually luff coz of my slowness. Counted nots? Haha..
>:x: hot = Hhaa. No.
>:x: friendly = M i? It's up to u guys to decide. Lolz.
>:x: amusing = Er. Slowness shd b classified under here instead of funny. Lolz..
>:x: ugly = Nope. I think i look average ba..
>:x: loveable = No. In fact i think i'm the opposite. Haha.
>:x: caring = Kinda la
>:x: sweet = NO. Haha.
>:x: dorky = Dorky? Haha. So qiao. I juz discussed tt wif my kor. Erz. I'm a scholar la. Not dorky. Haha.

>:x: 5 letter word: Crazy. Haha. Tt ish 5 letter rite?
>:x: actor/actress: Nicole Kidman. Drew Barrymore. Adam Sandler. N all the actors hu acted in love actually. Haha.
>:x: Candy: Wah. So many. How to name all? Will probably take me 1 wk. Lol..
>:x: Cartoon: Fairly odd parents! Spongebob Squarepants! Haha.
>:x: Cereal: Dun have. Haven ate cereal in like 5 years? Or mayb more..
>:x: Chewing gum: Me prefer bubble gum n i dunno the brand. haha
>:x: Color(s): Pink! Blue! Every colour bah. Haha..
>:x: Color nail polish: Sparkling pink! Haha
>:x: Day of week: Anyday la
>:x: Least fave day: Erz.. Dunno le
>:x: Flowers : rose ba. Haven had any1 giving me flowers b4. Haha. Wonder how it feels to receive flowers..
>:x: Jello flavor: Grape?
>:x: Jewelry: My necklace which vki gave me. Lolz.
>:x: Special skills/talents: Dun have la. I look talented ma?
>:x: Summer/Winter: Winter. Got snow! Haha.
>:x: Trampolines or swimming pools: Swimming pool ba. Great way of getting slimmer. Lolz.

>:x: Slept in your bed: Myself
>:x: Saw you cry: Erz.. Shd b kay bah
>:x: Made you cry: Ermz. Dun think i shd sae.
>:x: Went to the movies with: susu. Lolz..
>:x: Yelled at you: My maid. Irritating woman. Lol.
>:x: Sent you an email: Friendster? OoPs. tt's not a person..

>|| Have you ever.. ||
>:x: Said "I love you" and meant it?: Nope. Nvr said it b4
>:x: Gone out in public in your pajamas: Aiya. My pj is shorts n t-shirt lehz..
>:x: Kept a secret from everyone: Yup. Obviously.
>:x: Cried during a movie: haha. Sadly. No. The tears dun wanna come. Try to squeeze it out oso cnt.
>:x: Ever at anytime owned new kids on the block stuff: har?
>:x: Planned your week based on the TV Guide: Haha. Sumtyms.
>:x: Been on stage: ya! Haha. Love n hate tt period of time. Haha.
>:x: Been to New York: nah.. Haha. It sounds like a nice idea though
>:x: Been to California: Tt's oso another nice idea. Wait! Is disneyland thr? Haha. If it is den i HAVE been to california. Haha
>:x: Hawaii: I wanna go!! Isn't tt the holiday place every1 wans to go to?
>:x: China: Nope. Got sars! I kaisee de. Haha
>:x: Canada: thr got wad?
>:x: Asia: Haha. Yupz. I live in 1 of the countries thr u noe. Lolz.
>:x: Wished you were the opposite sex: Sumtyms. Think of to give birth. The horror! Lolz
>:x: What time is it now?: 6:06. The onli thg i wanna do now is finish this damned quiz. Hha.
>:x: Apples or bananas?: Apples! So cute! So adorable! So yummy!
>:x: Blue or red?: Both oso can la

>:x: Walmart or target?: Erz.. Eeeny meeny miney mo. Lol
>:x: Spring or Fall?: both sounds so nice. Really muz choose izzit? Den fall bahx.
>:x: What are you gonna do after you finish this? : Either eat or read up on my history. Or play np. Lol.. young at heart ymy
>:x: What was the last meal you ate? : Tea? Is tt wad's it called?
>:x: High school or college? : High sku.
>:x: Are you bored? : uh huh
>:x: Last noise you heard? : The noisy song they're playing on perfect ten now. Haha
>:x: Last smell you sniffed? : Bak kut teh. Enjoy life. Haha
>:x: Last time you went out of state/province? : Haiz. Tt's in the distant past. Haha. Shd b thailand. Or izzit korea?

>:x: Do you believe in love at first sight? : Perhaps
>:x: Do you want children one day & if so, how many? : Yea. But me scared of childbirth! So pain! Shd b 2 bah. 1 girl 1 boy. Ain't tt wad every1 wans? Haha. Still rem laz time yirui n aiwen sae they each wan 13 n 14 kids respectively. Or izzit the other way round? So funny. I wun ever 4get tt. Hhaa
>:x: Most important thing to you in a friendship is: Loyalty. Not backstabbing. Nvr leaving me alone to run off wif another person.

>|| Other Info ||
>:x: Criminal record? : Haha. I'm guai ok?! So shoot me.
>:x: Do you speak any other languages? : Eng n chi ba le. O ya. Hokkien. Lolz
>:x: Last book you read: The 5 pple u meet in heaven! So nice. Hha
>:x: Name some of your favorite things in your bedroom? : My piglet! My trophies! =P
>:x: Thing you dislike about yourself the most: My face. my body. My personality. Haha. Which adds up to everythg
>:x: Worst feeling in the world: Betrayal. Guilt
>:x: Who you love: My family. Hhas
>:x: Who you miss: Dunno y.. I'm missing my naughty toddler cousin hu was the cause of the feud yesterdae. Lolz.. He's cute la. n LOOKS angelic. Hha

>|| You ||
>:x: Nickname(s): Tribal woman? Kalahari. Hahas. O yA. Rara
>;x:Initials: ctwl. Eeyer. It looks so sucky.
>:x: How old do you look? : I dunno le. I think i look 12. Haha. Others think i look 15..
>:x: How old do you act? : Older than i m. Haha. All those decisions i have to make n all those thoughts i think. Lolz.
>:x: Glasses/Contacts: Both
>:x: Braces?: Haha. Luckily not. I heard u have to pluck out lots of teeth for putting in braces n u like cnt eat anythg solid for the 1st wk? Muz hurt. Hhaa
>:x: Do you have any pets?: Used to. None lasted though. Lolz.
>:x: What makes you happy?: Simple thgs.
>:x: What upsets you?: Grades ba. N frenship probs.

>|| Finish the sentence: |
>:x: I Love to... Slack. Haha.
>:x: I Miss.. my piglet being clean.
>:x: I Wish... i could chg my body for a diff body. Lolz
>:x: I'm Annoyed by... small thgs
>:x: I Am.. Feeling very very sian now. When is this quiz gonna end?!
>:x: I Want to Be... Rich n loved. Haha. Doesn't everybody?
>:x: I Would Never... make my mum or frens or family cry. Er. Cousins excluded can? haha
>:x: I'd Rather... Go to heaven den hell. Lol
>:x: I Am Tired of... the masks every1 puts up
>:x: I Will Always be... loved. Hopefully. Haha.

>|| Have you ever.. ||
>:x: Thought you were going to die: yuP. When i got trapped in the lift n when the airplane hit air turbulence. Lol..
>:x: Wanted to Run away: Frm my problems? Frm my life? Well. Ya
>:x: Flunked a grade: a grade ar? Nope. But i flunked my sec 1 geog. Haha
>:x: Skipped a grade: Haha. Onli geniuses get to skip grades.

yEah man! I finally finished!! Lalala~ So happy wif myself!! Haha..

`][=*^Me-To-You+/*][` 4:36 PM

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